Independent broad-based Anti-Corruption Commission for Victoria

23 December 2010

A key election platform of the newly elected Victorian State Government is the establishment of an independent anti-corruption commission for Victoria.

Following the lead of a number of other States, the Victorian Government has proposed a three-pronged approach focusing on investigation, prevention and education as the pillars on which successful anti-corruption initiatives are based.

See attached a brief article discussing what corruption means, who is covered and what sorts of activities might come under scrutiny by the Commission. Key points include:

  • business transactions between the private and public sectors can give rise to conduct that may be regarded as corrupt;
  • businesses should remind key employees, especially those involved in Government procurement, licensing approvals and joint ventures with Government entities of the highest standards of ethical behaviour that are required;
  • lobbying carries particular risks if not carried out in a highly ethical way;
  • businesses can expect expansive enquiries from the new commission; and
  • companies who deal frequently with Government at a State or local level in Victoria should ensure that their staff understand the limits of acceptable conduct, and conduct themselves accordingly.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact John Walter.

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