As Australian businesses and start-ups increasingly seek funding sources beyond the traditional big four banks, venture capital is a growing alternative funding option providing both challenge and opportunity. Understanding the different risks associated with venture capital is key.

We have a deep understanding of investment in entrepreneurial and high-growth companies. We act for local and international venture capital funds, together with corporate venture capital funds and fast growth companies looking for investment.

We have a cross-disciplinary team with strong experience in all stages of the funding cycle, from funds establishment, full-service support to growth companies, and through to exit via IPO or sale.

We match the innovation of the investee companies with our innovative advice on complex deals from sub-$1million seed investments through to large raises and IPOs.

We have developed CorrsEdge, a cutting-edge start-up platform which is designed to deliver start-ups the legal support they need at the early stage of their growth cycle. The platform offers access to over 30 intelligent legal documents with dynamic automation capabilities that enable users to generate bespoke documents and tailor them for their business. CorrsEdge is also used by start-ups and funds to health check potential investee companies.