Risk of corruption and bribery for any organisation operating internationally is ever-present, irrespective of the organisation’s size or location.

Bribery and corruption allegations and enforcement actions are serious matters that can expose organisations and individuals to criminal, civil and administrative sanctions, cause significant reputational damage, and prompt follow-on litigation by third parties.

These matters require careful management to ensure the integrity of any investigation, prevent further misconduct, preserve evidence, confirm compliance with reporting obligations and minimise the associated commercial risks. Strategic considerations are also important, particularly when dealing with cross-border matters involving different regulators, regulatory regimes and notification obligations.

We have extensive experience advising a range of multinationals, ASX-listed companies and not-for-profit organisations in relation to bribery and corruption compliance and assisting to navigate issues when they arise. We have the knowledge, forensic expertise and experience with regulators to provide pragmatic and timely advice in this area.

In addition to the direct legal risks that organisations face, there has been a recent upsurge in scrutiny of the social license to operate and the expectation that organisations will ‘do the right thing’. Our experience in successfully managing issues that arise in this area enables us to assist our clients build and implement robust mitigation processes.

In addition to managing internal investigations, regulatory investigations and prosecutorial actions, our team can also provide bespoke risk assessment and management solutions which reflect your organisation’s risk-profile.