In today’s environment of increasingly sophisticated and coordinated global regulation and enforcement, investigations of all kinds are on the rise.

There have been significant increases in investigations related to fraud, bribery and corruption, international trade disputes, workplace misconduct, commissions of inquiry and more.

Investigations present unique challenges and substantial risks for an organisation, which need to be expertly managed. We have a strong understanding of the different regulatory environments and enforcement landscape in Australia and internationally. Where our clients face an investigation of any kind, we assist our clients to navigate the risks and put their best foot forward with regulators whilst safeguarding their rights and reputation.

When allegations of potential wrongdoing are made, it’s essential to ensure that the matter is raised to the right level within the organisation and to respond proactively and thoughtfully with a well-designed investigation. Our team is adept at managing both internal and regulatory investigations, and the actions and reputational issues that can arise from investigations. We also provide bespoke risk assessment and management solutions which take into account an organisation’s risk profile.