In today’s technology-driven and interconnected world, an organisation’s systems and data are exposed to the internet and a host of security vulnerabilities, both technical and human.

Cyber risk may be introduced through interfaces with vendor or other third party systems, or through business acquisitions. Organisations across all sectors are increasingly vulnerable to cyber-attack as they become more connected through the use of internet-connected machines.

Cyber incidents have the capacity to cripple an organisation’s ability to operate and cause significant reputational and financial damage. Following the European Union’s lead, Australian regulators are becoming more vigilant in ensuring regulated organisations are cyber resilient and in investigating and prosecuting data breaches.

Best practice cyber resilience requires organisations to put in place a plan that minimises the risk of a cyber incident occurring and also addresses its response if a cyber incident occurs.

We advise telecommunications network operators, financial institutions, government agencies and other organisations for whom cyber resilience is essential. Our expertise includes advising on cyber resilience planning, investigations into cyber incidents (using our Corrs Cyber in-house IT forensic experts), dispute resolution against IT service providers, regulatory engagement and enforcement action, and conducting cyber due diligence in relation to business acquisitions.