Society is demanding that businesses do better. Meeting the expectations of shareholders and external stakeholders has become a sophisticated balancing act for boards, directors and General Counsel.

Organisations face a multitude of challenges as they explore opportunities whilst managing risk in a complex regulatory and commercial environment. These risks include issues which may disrupt a company’s business model, expose entities and individuals to civil penalty or criminal prosecution, cause financial detriment, and damage a company’s reputation.

In this climate, boards and senior executives need to constantly assess their company’s current and potential future risks and determine strategies to minimise vulnerability and potential adverse consequences. If not properly managed, these risks may trigger potential application of a range of laws, including continuous disclosure rules, prospectus rules, directors’ duties and other legislation / regulations.

We have a wealth of experience assisting with head office and corporate governance issues, ranging from advising on continuous disclosure, annual reports, employee share schemes and capital management, to advising on directors duties in complex or challenging circumstances or developing holistic approaches in increasingly important areas of reputational governance such as environmental social and governance (ESG), modern slavery, corruption, whistleblowing, and business and human rights.