As the courts increasingly look to efficient resolution of patent disputes through active case management, our clients rely on our strategic advice every step of the way.

Our internationally recognised IP and patent litigation team has acted in many of the most significant intellectual property (IP) disputes in Australia. In addition to the team’s market-leading litigation expertise, many of our lawyers have broader technical qualifications including in chemistry, biotechnology, pharmacology and computer science.

Our team is client-focused, whether providing freedom to operate advice or running multi-jurisdictional litigation. We invest in understanding your business, your market and how your IP drives your competitive advantage and profitability.

Our team is also at the forefront of IP developments and reform, from the matters we lead, submissions we make on policy and our roles on the Law Council of Australia and other international IP bodies.

Our independence allows us to connect our clients with the best IP lawyers around the world, to deliver the best commercial outcomes.