Corporate conduct in Australia is under unprecedented scrutiny. We have recently seen major changes in relation to regulatory investigations and white collar prosecutions, including a significant update to the regime for whistle-blower protections in the private sector and proposals to establish tough new foreign bribery offences and a regime for Deferred Prosecution Agreements.

Organisations have a clear interest in ensuring they have the right whistleblowing framework, policies and culture in place to encourage employees to come forward without fear of retaliation.

Our substantial experience in managing these issues enables us to assist our clients develop robust processes to mitigate risks in this area. In addition to managing internal investigations, our team can provide bespoke risk assessment and management solutions which reflect the individual risk profile of your organisation, to protect your brand and reputation, and assist in developing a robust compliance culture.

These matters require careful management to ensure the integrity of any investigation, prevent further misconduct, minimise associated commercial risks and promote a culture of transparency and compliance throughout the organisation.