Hydrogen is an essential part of the future of energy and growing demand for green hydrogen and low-carbon blue hydrogen will play an important part in replacing fossil fuels for power generation. 

Australia aspires to be a major global leader in the hydrogen industry by 2030. Political, industry and stakeholder momentum towards using hydrogen as a clean fuel offers market participants unprecedented opportunities to contribute to a net-zero economy.  

Our energy team advises on all aspects of the hydrogen sector. 

We advise on hydrogen policy and regulatory development, which is a key area of focus for all projects and transactions as the sector is new and evolving. 

As many hydrogen projects are in the early stages, we have significant experience advising on planning and environmental approvals, feasibility studies and design and EPC contracts. Many of the projects involve partnering, often with technology providers, and as a result we have significant experience advising on competition law and intellectual property and licensing issues. 

We also work with companies and financiers to advise on how to structure a project to ensure it is bankable. This includes advising on joint ventures, construction contracts, offtake, power purchase and transportation.