Kate Donald




Kate specialises in the field of intellectual property, especially patent litigation, including oppositions.

She has advised on a number of high-stakes, industry-changing legal disputes and has a record of success in patent cases involving a broad range of technologies. She has litigated cases involving diverse technologies including antibodies, vaccines, biosimilars, genetic screening, synthetic polymers, dosing syringes, disposable hygiene garments, redox batteries, toys, encrypted signalling, thrusters and cooling systems.

Having studied in the US and worked in the UK for global organisations, Kate is familiar with patent law and practice internationally, and the majority of cases she has worked on have been part of multinational disputes running parallel with proceedings in the USA, UK, Europe and Asia.

Kate has a Bachelor of Science with Honours (chemistry and molecular biology) and has conducted research at synchrotron facilities.  She is an inventor, having developed a nano-particulate formulation to protect plants from overexposure to the sun. Kate’s “sunscreen” for plants has been successfully commercialised in the US, for Californian citrus crops.