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Australian cyber security trends: February 2024

The cyber security landscape in Australia is evolving at a pace. Aside from the growing number of cyber security incidents, the legal and regulatory environment continues to develop to manage the increased risk.

Australian regulators have pointed to increasing responsibility for relevant officers to implement appropriate cyber security safeguards, cyber insurance has developed further and, as widely reported, companies have faced legal action and regulatory investigations in relation to a number of prominent cyber security incidents.

Australian cyber security trends unpacks key components of organisations’ legal and regulatory obligations in relation to cyber security, and explores Australia’s new Cyber Security Strategy, looking at how different regulations intersect for different industries. It also considers how organisations can utilise cyber insurance, what they should be asking of external service providers, and how to embed cyber security into M&A transactions.

Our observations are based on the experience of our cyber security team as well as an assessment of certain publicly available resources.

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