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ia race east

The Race in the East and its Challenges: Third Party Arbitration Funding in Singapore & Hong Kong

Singapore and Hong Kong have long been leading seats for international arbitration in Asia, and recently, the attention of the international arbitration community has been fixed on them following developments to third party funding regimes.
Jaclyn Smith
Jonathan Mackojc
competion trust busting

A trust-busting wind is blowing

Australian regulators and policy makers must be wary of the growing pressure for more interventionist competition policies. Failure to maintain a dispassionate, economically rigorous approach could have dire consequences for the economy.
Mark McCowan
construction japanese investors

10 ways Japanese investors can enhance Australia’s transport sector

Corrs was a guest of the Embassy of Japan at the Second Japan-Australia Infrastructure Networking Meeting in Canberra in 2017. So, where can Japanese investors add value?
Jane Hider
Jeremy King
Celeste Koravos
comms tech innovation

Why ‘open innovation’ is the way forward for the legal industry

Discover how, over the last 10 years, Corrs has been able to evolve and refine its delivery of legal services by embracing an open innovation approach.
James Whittaker
Graeme Grovum