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Corrs High Vis: Episode 21 – Global Infrastructure (Part Two)

Corrs High Vis is a podcast series that offers insights into the Australian construction industry.
John W.H. Denton AO
Melanie Bond
cyber security decrypting cyber insurance

Decrypting Cyber Insurance: A Practical Framework for Organisations

Given the potential to trigger millions of dollars in losses, it’s prudent for businesses to consider cyber insurance as a means of mitigating the risk of attack
Daniel Marquet
Barbara Bell
Laura Elliott
Vic Gov insights public misfeasance

Public Misfeasance: What’s intent got to do with it? (Part 1)

A recent Federal Court decision has raised uncertainty as to whether the authorised enforcement of a regulation by a public officer, done in a malicious way, could be considered a tort and potentially lead to a claim for damages.
Matthew Critchley
Ben Reade
Vic Gov insights renewable energy opportunities

Renewable energy opportunities to open up for Victorian Government agencies

Government agencies who may wish to generate or supply renewable energy from their premises are set to see a reduced regulatory impost under new amendments to the GEO.
Jane Hider
Justine Cheong
international arbitration emergency arbitration

Emergency Arbitration: Asia-Pacific Institutional Rules - Overview & Comparative Table Guide

The use of emergency arbitration mechanisms is patchy at best across jurisdictions and institutions. So what can be done to ensure greater confidence?
Ben Davidson
Jonathan Mackojc