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Fair Work Commission’s new approach to interpreting agreements makes good drafting more important

New approach makes enterprise agreements trickier.
Tracy Caspersz

A stitch in time saves nine: How excluding consequential loss could save you millions

Now is the time to ensure consequential loss is excluded from your contracts.
Jodie Burger
Viva Paxton

Australian Senate to inquire into the effectiveness of Australia’s foreign anti-bribery measures

Expect to see recommendations aimed at improving corporate compliance with bribery and corruption laws.
Annette Hughes
Adam Purton

Does Australia have the right IR system for the workplace of the future?

Four leaders speak out on Australia's industrial relations system and the Productivity Commission's review of workplace relations.

Taking cross border security in Asia: Seven steps to success

How to structure a security package that is compliant with different systems of law.
Jeremy King
Jeremy Thompson
Nancy Nguyen

Disruptors like Uber and AirBnB are changing the employment model - Are Australia’s workplace laws keeping up?

Australia’s IR system has fallen out of step with modern employment business practices.