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New Australian Biomedical Translation Fund: Crossing the “Valley of Death” from Research to Market

The new $250 million fund will invest in promising biomedical discoveries and accelerate their commercialisation.
Frances Wheelahan
Zan Mazharullah
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Asia Employment Law: Quarterly Review: Q4 2015

In this chapter we cover key developments in Australia in the 4th Quarter 2015.

Living on the hedge – Don’t let your hedging agreement cost you

Hedging agreements are an integral part of many loan transactions but often do not receive the attention they deserve. Here are four key points to bear in mind when drafting and negotiating a hedging agreement.
Jeremy King
Michael Capsalis
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The North's time has come: Why Business should be looking at Northern Australia for new opportunities

Food security concerns in Asia and the Middle East will drive demand for what the north can produce.
Alan Churley
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The challenge of building Australia’s gateway to the Indo-Pacific

The development of Northern Australia is attracting renewed investor interest and government support. What are the key challenges to developing Australia’s northern frontier?
Andrew McCormack
Aidan Lavin