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construction strata

Better days ahead for building owners in NSW strata schemes

The Strata Schemes Management Act 2015 coming into effect at the end of this year, will give strata owners greater protection and developers pause to consider changes in the way they do business.
Andrew Chew
Han Yong

Proposed new super pension rules – necessary reforms for Australia’s future

Promising changes to retirement income streams will simplify a needlessly complex area of law.
Michael Chaaya
Jonathan Gardner

Are your contractors paying award wages? It might be your problem if they’re not!

7-Eleven and other recent examples of worker exploitation highlight the need for businesses to ask: what is going on in our own supply chain?
Nicholas Ellery

Public Stadium projects – can they be made into economic champions or will they always be wooden spooners?

Developing stadiums has numerous social and economic benefits that can be long-term and wide-ranging. But how can stadiums be developed given the current uncertainty of funding?
Peter Schenk
transport indonesia

Digital disruption and demonstrations: Indonesia regulates transport and other apps

A new Transport Ministry regulation reflects increased attention on app providers.
Jared Heath
Cameron Grant