The landscape for companies responding to workplace issues has changed dramatically over recent times. The expectation on leaders in all organisations has shifted, and it is now crucial that employers have sound practices for receiving complaints concerning workplace conduct – from harassment and bullying claims, whistleblower claims and safety incident responses to allegations of fraud and corruption.

In an environment where investigations, both regulatory and internal, are on the increase, understanding privacy obligations, safety issues, mental health concerns, defamation laws and how to establish the correct investigatory procedure is absolutely critical for businesses when conducting a workplace investigation of any kind.

Our employment team has been entrusted by clients to manage some of their most challenging workplace investigations. We offer pragmatic and strategic advice to clients in all industries, ensuring investigations are not only conducted sensitively and in a timely manner but also in a manner that responds to the expectation of stakeholders. We can assist clients with conducting an investigation internally or appointing an external investigator and balancing your regulatory and employment obligations.

Given the increasingly important role played by electronic evidence in workplace and other types of investigations, we have created Corrs Forensics, a national, full service forensic technology team supported by a dedicated forensic laboratory.