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Australia's M&A market 2015 - Ten trends that are shaping the market

Conditions seem ripe for M&A in 2015. So, what’s driving the market and how can bidders and targets improve their prospects for deal success?
Jaclyn Riley-Smith
Sandy Mak

What Queensland’s new government will mean for the resources sector

Tough market conditions means government policy will be increasingly critical to the industry.
Michael MacGinley
Katherine Stodulka
Privacy 3

Eight steps to managing security breaches when storing data in the cloud

Storing data in the cloud presents serious challenges for companies in the event of a data security breach.
Eugenia Kolivos
Sarah Godden

Data retention regime - Soon to become reality

Telcos and ISPs will have to retain customer metadata for up to two years under the new law.
Richard Leder
Christie Jones
Tax 5

Re:Think Tax discussion paper - Dividend imputation, tax rates, GST and other key issues for business

Business should keep a close watch on five areas that have been targeted for tax reform.
Craig Milner
Rhys Jewell
Bridie Andriske