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construction referee

Call in the referee: Court appointed experts in complex cases

Victorian courts have long been reluctant to disrupt the status quo when it comes to appointing experts in proceedings. But a recent decision by the Supreme Court of Victoria could signal a shift in the court’s attitude.
Joseph Barbaro
Lindsay Hogan
Jaclyn Smith
rings games ambush marketing

‘The Ring Games’: How ambush marketing can see brands benefit from multi-million dollar events for free

Sponsorship agreements between brands and significant events provide valuable platforms from which those brands can market to a wide audience.
Richard Leder
Sanjay Schrapel
Rebecca Burns
Web graphic WPR review4

Workplace Mid-Year Review – 2016

The Corrs Workplace Relations team is pleased to present our third annual review of the Australian employment, workplace and safety landscape.
japan stable

A stable Japan: Our largest source of productive investment in 2015

In 2015, Japan was the largest source of foreign direct investment into Australia - exceeding flows from the US, Europe and China. And a stable Japan will remain a crucial economic partner for Australia.
Stephen Price
Peter Grey
china doubling trade

Doubling Australia’s trade with China will take a bold approach

Corrs CEO John Denton says this week’s Partnership for Change Report can maximise opportunities between Australia and China for the long term.
John W.H. Denton AO