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ip change in laws

Change in the air for IP laws in Australia: 5 key takeaways

The Government has responded to the Productivity Commission’s review of Australia’s IP system. Here are five key takeaways.
David Fixler
James Cameron
Corrs High Vis Podcast Website Banner 1024x426

Corrs High Vis: Episode 19 – Construction Law Update - August 2017

Andrew McCormack
Michael Earwaker
Jennifer Barrett
Jaclyn Masters
Wayne Jocic
iptc brave new world

Brave New World or the end of it? Regulating artificial intelligence begins with understanding the real risks

What must society consider in managing the risks associated with deep intelligence in AI?
Peter Schmidt
construction cladding design

Cladding design in high rise buildings: rethinking the approach

The Australian Senate Inquiry into Cladding Materials has received its first interim report on aluminium composite cladding. How will Australia rethink its approach to materials in high rise buildings in the wake of the Grenfell Tower tragedy?
Andrew Chew
IPTC health hacking

Health Hacking: Dealing with the cyber threat in digital health

As digital health continues to expand, developers are being pressed to demonstrate that cyber security measures have been properly built into the design of the device.
Frances Wheelahan
Robert Ceglia