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We think about the legal and commercial challenges facing our clients. So here are some of our insights on the issues that make a difference in the business environment.

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wpr competitive workplaces

Competitive Workplaces in a Changing World

Seeking more competitive workplaces in our rapidly changing world is a part of a broader national challenge, one that has been a key driver of Australian public policy for decades: we have to be competitive in a global market.
Alan Colman
finance keeper at gate

Keeper at the gate: Regulator targets a range of transgressions in financial services

ASIC’s half term enforcement report shows the regulator’s intent to ensure financial institutions and advisers comply with their obligations, lifting the standards of financial advice providers.
Simon Johnson
Frieda Chan
communications smartphone recording

Is it illegal to use a smartphone app to ‘TapeACall’?

Despite the rapid progression of smartphone technology, Australian courts are yet to address whether it is legal to record phone calls using smartphone apps.
Richard Leder
Ben Winford
Sanjay Schrapel
finance asic conflict interest

Conflicts: Of serious interest to ASIC

Corporate advisory research activity comes under ASIC’s microscope.
Michael Chaaya
Peter Anderson
finance debt finance

Debt-Finance: The five things our private equity clients are thinking about going into 2017

What are business borrowers focussing on right now when it comes to financing debt? We consider a range of issues facing investors – private equity of otherwise – as 2017 approaches.
Simon Reid
finance environmental impact bonds

Outcomes Focus: Environmental Impact Bonds are all about results

There is an alternative to Green Bonds – Environmental Impact Bonds tie financial returns to the success of a green project.
Jeremy King
Jeremy Thompson
John Yiannakou