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international china

Growing Bilateral trade with China 一带一路

As China’s economic policy has evolved, Australia has constantly managed to keep pace. But are existing policy mechanisms sufficient to support Beijing’s latest transition?
John W.H. Denton AO
Andrew Lumsden
Lizzie Knight
corporate brexit

So what does Brexit really mean for Australia?

One thing seems certain following Brexit: economic uncertainty. But how long will it last and how will Australia be affected? Corrs’ CEO John Denton, Senior Adviser, International Business Engagement Peter Grey and Special Counsel James Shirbin consi
John W.H. Denton AO
James Shirbin
Peter Grey
construction icc

Is an International Commercial Court for Australia a viable option?

Recently, there have been a number of appeals for an international commercial court (ICC) to be established in Australia. But what are ICCs? Why do we need them? And are they a viable option?
Andrew Stephenson
Lindsay Hogan
Jaclyn Smith
construction rubber tyre trains

When the rubber hits the road: Opportunities and challenges for Australia’s first rubber-tyred train system

Rapid transit metros using trains with a rubber-tyred guided system could soon be on the cards for Australian cities. What are the opportunities and challenges presented by the introduction of such a system?
Andrew McCormack
Peter Schenk
brexit 2

Trump, Brexit and Protectionism: Navigating cross-border disputes and international arbitration in a more connected world

The rise in global protectionism will lead to more disputes in an increasingly connected world. As trust is eroded, businesses must adopt active mitigation strategies to navigate the risks of global trade and commerce.
Ben Davidson
construction iran1

Plenty in reserve: Tapping into Iran’s true potential

With Federal Government lifting most sanctions against Iran, what does the country offer Australian business? Corrs partners Alan Churley and David Yates explore a nation which boasts the world’s largest gas reserves.
Alan Churley
David Yates