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We think about the legal and commercial challenges facing our clients. So here are some of our insights on the issues that make a difference in the business environment.

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iptc gc cyber security

Cyber Resilience: The Role of the General Counsel

General Counsel have a key role to play in ensuring their organisations are cyber resilient.
James North
James Wallace
Corrs High Vis Podcast Website Banner 1024x426

Corrs High Vis: Episode 10 – Arbitration and its role in Common Law

Corrs High Vis is a series of podcasts, offering insight and analysis into the Australian construction industry.
Andrew Stephenson
Astrid Andersson
jd global laying foundations

Laying the foundations: a brighter global future

Governments talk a lot about infrastructure but are slow to act. So, how do we ensure infrastructure meets the world’s future challenges?
John W.H. Denton AO
itpc cyborgs

Forget Terminator: Cyborgs have rights too (Part One)

Cyborgs are no longer a sci-fi curiosity. In the first of our two-part look at this technology, we consider how Australia might navigate surveillance and privacy issues that will inevitably arise.
Peter Schmidt
health blockchain

Using blockchain to secure and share health data

Fran Wheelahan looks at the use of blockchain technology in the healthcare industry and highlights some of the key legal considerations with the use of this technology.
Frances Wheelahan