New dividend rules

17 August 2010

New dividend rules came into effect from Monday 28 June 2010. The rules replace the requirement to pay dividends from profits with a three-pronged test based on net assets, fairness and solvency.

Key take aways:

  • The profits test for paying dividends has been replaced with a “solvency” test.
  • From 28 June 2010, dividends do not have to be paid out of profits.
  • You will need to review your company’s constitution to ensure that the provisions in the constitution line up with the new rules.
  • The implications of the new rules are unfortunately not straightforward.

Key issues relating to the implications of the new rules are:

  • Whether dividends have to be declared instead of just determined; and
  • Clarifying when the test applies and how, practically, a company can ensure that it has met the test from an accounting perspective.

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