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article construction aiacs standard form building contracts 2019 update

AIAC's Standard Form Building Contracts: 2019 Update

The Asian International Arbitration Centre’s standard form building contract initiative is tailored to the Malaysian market and relevant to a range of parties. But the contracts are a useful tool, not a 'one-size-fits-all' solution.
Matthew Muir
Jonathan Mackojc
article modern slavery commonwealth bill what are the key requirements

The Commonwealth Modern Slavery Bill: What are the key requirements?

Heidi Roberts
Michael do Rozario
Dr. Phoebe Wynn-Pope
Christine Collins
article png global partnership creates path to power and economic prosperity

Global partnership creates path to power and economic prosperity in PNG

A perfect storm of factors have culminated in a tipping point for the Waste to Energy sector in Australia giving it a chance to emerge as a key part of the country’s energy and waste management future.
Nick Thorne
Caitlin McPhee
article environment committee calls for greater government action on pfas contamination at australian defence bases

Is there a role for a federal EPA on PFAS and other emerging contaminants?

The Joint Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade has recommended the Federal Government take steps to reduce possible health risks from chemical exposure to communities living in and around Defence bases.
Christine Covington
article litigation responding to shareholder activism when can directors properly delay an egm

Responding to shareholder activism: when can directors properly delay an EGM?

The question of exactly when directors can postpone an Extraordinary General Meeting has been uncertain.
Matthew Critchley
Alex Murphy