Preparing for the extended unfair contract terms regime (VIDEO)

22 June 2016

How could unfair contract terms affect your business and your reputation?

The legislation relating to standard form contracts with small businesses is changing from November 12th and businesses need to understand what this really means for them. 

In this short video, Corrs Partners Andrew McCormack and Joseph Barbaro take a closer look at the changes and the impact these will have on your organisation. Our experts consider:

  • The consequences of void terms in standard form contracts

  • The reputational aspects at stake for your organisation

  • The measures you need to take to safeguard your contracts

With the changes fast approaching, you should consider what this means for your business and develop mitigation strategies for your standard form contracts. 

If you would like to discuss any aspects raised in the video, contact Andrew McCormack or Joseph Barbaro.

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