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Accelerate your career

Lawyers 3+ years / Associates & / Senior Associates

At some firms, you may find that after four or five years, your career can stall, usually because the next step involves greater commitment from both parties. You start looking at each other more closely and differently, both asking, “what have you done for me lately?” Well, during this period, we do a lot for our lawyers. We see this stage as an incredibly important one, where lawyers really start to come into their own. We see it as a time of acceleration for your career and for us.

We believe this is the time to really drive your career.

And here are the six ways we help you get there.

1. Have a vision

For our firm and your career. So we both know where we are going.

For any career to be successful, there needs to be an alignment of objectives and expectations. That’s why we are very clear about our Vision, how we are going to get there and how your role fits in. There are huge benefits when everyone is clear about what is trying to be achieved and why.

We apply the same principles to your career. We work with you to articulate a vision for your career and establish a road map for getting there. We agree specific goals and provide regular support and feedback so you always know whether you’re on the right track.

2. Invest in talent

To enhance technical, business and leadership skills.

Our blue-print for success is pretty simple - recruit the most outstanding talent and develop them into world-class lawyers and business people. We believe our professional development strategy gives us a competitive advantage and provides you with a unique opportunity.

We invest heavily in business skills training for all our lawyers so that we can build deep relationships with our clients and work with them to find innovative solutions to their challenges. Our Learning and Development programs are tailored for different levels of experience, all the way to Partner. They cover topics ranging from technical skills training to people and project management and even writing, editing and presentation skills.

We also provide study assistance and have established the Corrs Scholarship Program for Individual Excellence. This innovative program offers high performing employees the opportunity to attend short training courses at international institutions like Harvard, Oxford and Yale. We think it’s important our lawyers look outside their own backyards to see the bigger picture and where we fit in.

3. Support the person

Professionally and personally.

We’ll support your career but we’ll also support you. It’s part of the collaboration and teamwork that are cornerstones of The Corrs Way. So, we make sure you have a mentor you can turn to for help with your career development or to just chat with about how things are going. We also know that people have different needs at different stages of their lives. So, we’re flexible and offer our people options that include part-time, job-share, working from home and technology enablement.

Thanks to this supportive approach, we have received nine employer of choice awards in the past four years, including the only large national law firm awarded ALB Gold Employer of Choice 2011 – as voted by our staff in an independent national survey.

4. Provide opportunity

To build and enhance your reputation.

To grow your career you need the right opportunities. These opportunities include working with, and learning from, the best in the business. And there’s no shortage of these people working at Corrs, including Braddon Jolley, Teresa Handicott, Andrew Lumsden, Christine Covington and John Denton just to name a few.

These opportunities also include working on deals that give you the right exposure to the issues and thinking that will build your experience, confidence and reputation. Again, there’s no shortage of those sorts of deals going on at Corrs. Right now, we’re at the forefront of many of the country’s largest deals and projects, including acting on the demerger of Foster’s Group and recently advising J. P. Morgan and RBS on their US$2 billion high yield bond offering for Fortescue Metals Group – Australia’s third largest iron ore producer.

Beyond the people and the deals, you’ll also be given the opportunity to play a part in the broader business context within Australia and the Asia Pacific region. At Corrs, there’s a focus on doing business with Asia. We understand the role we need to play to help our clients to engage in opportunities and compete successfully in the Asian market. That’s why we offer scholarships to universities in Asia as well as internships to Asian firms. It helps you and Corrs remain connected and vital to our clients’ business success.

5. Reward performance

With a generous high performance bonus scheme (and promotion).

We expect our people to share our Vision. So, we’re happy for our people to share in the rewards. First, we make sure what we pay is more than competitive in the market. Then we give you an opportunity to earn even more than that through The Corrs High Performance Incentive Plan. This program is unique to Corrs and unmatched by other large law firms. Under the Plan, you will be entitled to an incentive opportunity based on your contribution to Corrs’ overall success that is expressed as a percentage of your total remuneration.

While financial rewards are great, perhaps most importantly, we also reward outstanding performance by allowing you to progress as fast as your talent allows. So, whether the next step for you is Senior Associate, Special Counsel or Partner, we’ll do everything we can to support your progress. Unlike some firms, we don’t have any “fat” at any levels choking the advancement of the next generation of leaders. We’re growing. We’re highly profitable. We’re relentless in the pursuit of our Vision. We need the best leaders at all levels to get us there. So, for us, the only consideration for advancement is performance.

6. Create options

For your career.

Of course, we’d love for all our lawyers who develop their careers through Corrs to end up leading the firm and our next generation of lawyers. But that’s not for everyone. Some will want to pursue careers in-house or in business. Wherever our lawyers end up, we’re proud to know that their time with us has contributed to our growth and their growth. And they leave us with perhaps the greatest career benefit of all – options. We know that we’ve equipped them with the skills, networks, knowledge and confidence to succeed at whatever they choose to pursue. We know that they will be more valuable in the market because they will be more than lawyers. They will be professionals with unique skills and business insight.