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Professional services marketing in a firm like Corrs transcends the traditional 4Ps of Marketing. It's more challenging, more exciting and more rewarding (for the right type of marketer). Because our product is not a packaged good or new household appliance - it's the talent, experience and intelligence of our lawyers. The market we compete in is cluttered with many competitors who can often look and sound the same. And our audiences are discerning and informed! So, to be effective in this world, our marketing needs to be fresh, clever and dynamic. And so do our marketers.

At Corrs, Marketing has two core streams - Business Development and Communications - that work together to position Corrs in the market with clients, potential employees, industry bodies and the media. And we do so in many innovative ways, utilising a range of integrated communication techniques and approaches. We are responsible for brand management, media relations, market research, internal and external communications, client management, advertising, tender submissions, event management, website and online activity.

To do all this, we need marketers who can think creatively, who are confident in their abilities and who embrace the ever changing landscape of modern marketing and communication.