Breaking Brexit Down: International Arbitration (VIDEO)

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Will the UK’s withdrawal from the European Union affect London’s position as a pre-eminent seat of international arbitration? And which European city could be vying to take its place?

In part two of our video series, Breaking Brexit Down, Corrs Partner Bronwyn Lincoln takes a closer look at the implications of the UK’s momentous decision and considers how it will impact on international arbitration.

  • What are the immediate challenges for the UK, EU and the wider world?

  • Will restrictions on freedom of movement affect international arbitration?

  • What should businesses keep in mind, as the terms of the withdrawal are negotiated?

Over the coming weeks we’ll bring you insight from Corrs Partners who’ll examine areas ranging from competition law to privacy, trademarks, regulation and more. 

Look out for more episodes in this series, as Corrs Partners consider the key issues which will affect the ways in which Australian firms and their networks do business.

We’ll examine the challenges that will come with the changes, while also exploring the potential opportunities that might arise.

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