A tale of two summaries: Better layout makes legal documents easier to read

25 October 2011

Communicating clearly with our clients has always been a hallmark of how Corrs does business. In the last two years Andrew Lumsden has led a firm-wide project to develop an incisive advice style and a unique problem solving system for all Corrs lawyers.

Our program recently received external recognition when a leading UK adviser in the field of legal writing looks at how one Australian firm (Corrs) has improved its advice letters.

At Corrs we believe that our documents should be easy to read. Simon’s article shows that, given the will, it can be done. A lay person should be able to read and understand a judgment of the highest court in the land. And the board of a client company should be able to read and understand a law firm’s advice letter.

While our firm has received recognition for our advice letters, we will continue to strive to find ways to improve how we can deliver world class quality to our clients.

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The author, Simon Carter is the Managing Director of One Three Four, which helps law firms, professional-services companies and investment banks improve their research reports, client updates, and pitch documents. This article originally appeared in PLC (November, 2011).

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