Carbon Price - Reason enough to consider offshore IT infrastructure?

20 July 2011 | Helen Clarke

With the Australian Government’s announcement of the new Carbon Price scheme on 10 July 2011, focus in the IT infrastructure services arena has turned to the likely flow-on effects for Australian-based data centres and their customers.

Headlines boldly announce that the Carbon Price will increase electricity prices by around 10%, increasing the operating costs of power-hungry data centres, with customers ultimately likely to foot the bill.

Higher electricity prices are not new in Australia – prices have been steadily increasing over the last few years. For this reason, data centres in Australia have already had a focus on achieving greater energy efficiency, and are facing pressure from their customers and potential customers to do so. In reality, data centre service providers should have been incorporating carbon reduction processes into their technology cycles and costing arrangements for some time.

In any event, with the high level of public debate and discussion about what the Carbon Price will mean for Australians and Australian businesses, customers of Australian data centres may be considering whether use of an offshore data centre or cloud offerings may now be more attractive from a cost perspective.

Learn more about the impact of the Carbon Price:

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