Flexibility in the way we work is part of our Diversity agenda. We recognise the needs of our people at different times of their lives and career, regardless of gender or age. Such flexibility is critical to a firm that is connected, agile and responsive.

Our Flexibility@Corrs program supports a range of flexible work arrangements including flexible hours, working part time, working remotely and additional leave.

The firm is committed to mainstreaming flexibility for women and men at Corrs. Our goal is to increase understanding and commitment to flexibility so it becomes standard business practice, embedded into our workplace culture.

Corrs is also participating in the Equilibrium Man Challenge, an online micro-documentary series that follows a group of men who are trying to achieve equilibrium in their lives by adopting flexible work practices. The project aims to position flexibility as an option for everyone and provides a communication forum for people interested in flexible working and workplace gender equality. It will cover the tools and tactics that enable people to achieve greater equilibrium in their lives. The project is sponsored by Mirvac and Telstra, with the support of Corrs and Cisco, as well as Diversity Council Australia. It’s endorsed by the Australian Government’s Workplace Gender Equality Agency.

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