Corrs CEO and ICC First Vice Chairman John W. H. Denton AO addresses B20 Summit in Hangzhou, China

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Corrs CEO John Denton this week reinforced the importance of the international business community playing a part in shaping the G20 agenda ahead of the 2016 summit in Hangzhou.

Addressing business leaders and Chinese government officials at the B20 Summit, the First Vice-Chairman of the International Chamber of Commerce commended B20 for its delivery of practical and actionable recommendations for strengthening the global recovery and creating jobs.

One of six representatives from worldwide stakeholder groups present, he went on to discuss the international business community’s vital role in contributing to the G20 agenda:

“(It is) the responsibility of business to contribute to the G20’s core economic objectives.

We’re keenly aware that G20 decisions increasingly shape the rules for conducting business… (and) while governments must create the frameworks and conditions, it’s businesses — large and small, but especially small — that drive the economy.

I know from my own conversations with G20 Leaders, Sherpas, and Ministers that they welcome our ideas… (because) business recommendations provide real-world perspectives, our experiences help shape workable policies, and we provide validation of G20 approaches through implementation.”

He went on:

“As it gets harder for the G20 to reach consensus on the big macro issues, I find G20 officials even more eager for our recommendations for meaningful actions.

In a time of unprecedented turmoil across the planet…economic and political…we need to—more than ever—work cooperatively and in unison with our government leaders.

We cannot underestimate the power of unity in purpose when we address the biggest, most challenging issues of the day.”

Throughout his address, Mr Denton pushed strongly that business and government have a shared responsibility to help shape the agenda of G20, urging towards the end of his speech that:

“We must redouble our efforts to make sure that policymakers understand that our recommendations lead to growth and jobs.”

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