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Corrs’ integrated responsible business approach

Investors and regulators are increasingly demanding that directors and management strengthen business outlook by building in long-term sustainability. This requires a complex, integrated approach across financial and non-financial standard and a strong culture of compliance.

The decision-making processes at director and management levels are critical. Cohesive and principled decision-making, combined with effective processes and procedures, will help build a culture of compliance and insulate the business from reputational risks and future shocks.

Corrs’ Responsible Business practice offers services across four key areas:

  1. Corporate Governance and ESG
  2. Sustainable Finance and Investment
  3. Business and Human Rights
  4. Sustainability and Climate Change

When executed effectively, a commitment to conducting business responsibly enables businesses to seize the long-term opportunities presented by our rapidly evolving corporate landscape.

At Corrs, we believe an integrated approach to governance, social and environmental decision-making helps businesses to exceed stakeholder expectations, preserve and build on their corporate reputation and promote long-term value. This begins with embedding the foundations of sustainability in a business:

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