Telesto, a new force in e-discovery cost-effectively bringing top-tier legal expertise and the latest advances in e-discovery and forensic technology and investigations, launches to the Australian market today.

An Australian-based start-up, Telesto has been created by Corrs Chambers Westgarth, Australia’s leading independent law firm, via its market-leading Legal Technology Solutions Group. Operating independently from Corrs, Telesto benefits from the ongoing innovations and legal and technical expertise developed at the top-tier law firm.

What sets Telesto apart is its ability to apply the unique expertise gained by Corrs running some of Australia’s largest matters combined with the effective and secure use of cloud computing and cloud storage to process documents for discovery with the incredible speed that only cloud computing can provide. It can also securely and inexpensively store the documents to be used however and whenever required.

Telesto’s offering is for clients looking for practical approaches, cost effectiveness and quick turnaround times in their matters. Telesto offers a modular approach to how its range of services can be provided. Its standalone services can be handpicked by clients to match their needs – complementing either in-house or external law firm capacity – or combined for a complete end-to-end package.

Telesto provides complete e-discovery solutions and services, including e-discovery consulting, forensic preservation and acquisition, processing data for use in e-discovery, early case assessment, advanced analytics, technology-assisted review (predictive coding), paralegal review and document production.

“The legal market in Australia and globally has been calling for an e-discovery solution that not only takes advantage of the rapid developments in cloud computing, but passes on the speed and cost benefits of cloud computing and ever advancing technology to clients,” according to Telesto Founder, Consultant and Corrs Partner, Michael do Rozario said.

"Structurally, it is clear that e-discovery should continually get cheaper but that is not often the experience in the market. Much of this comes down to the dominance of the one-size-fits-all model offered by e-discovery providers and technology platforms.

“Telesto’s cloud-based solutions bring down the costs of e-discovery and forensic technology in matters, internal document reviews and investigations. Telesto can handle litigation and inquiry matters of any size and gives clients access to experts who are at the cutting edge of the global e-discovery market and world class technology.”

Telesto Director Brian Borskjaer said: “From collection to review, court production and storage, we can provide clients cost effective solutions. Our services are flexible, customised to the needs of the matter and the client and, because our solutions are cloud-native, they are extremely fast, secure and highly cost effective.

“Most importantly, we are uniquely positioned to provide clients with a top-tier forensic and e-discovery end-to-end solution that is often lacking in the e-discovery market. Phil Magness is one of Australia’s leading forensic technologists and is able to assist clients to acquire electronic data from computer systems, surveillance systems and all types of portable and mobile devices. He is backed up by a team of experienced legal technologists with decades of experience in the e-discovery market.”