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COVID-19: the end to face-to-face hearings?

By March 2020 the impact of COVID-19 was becoming evident on litigation before various levels of court within Australia and it seems 2021 may continue as a similarly disrupted year for the courts with a potential number of unforeseen ‘circuit breaker’ lockdowns to navigate.

Although it is some 12 months since the beginning of the pandemic, the courts continue to grapple with its effects.

Consequently there is a growing body of case law dealing with the approach adopted by the Australian courts, in particular when it comes to questions of adjournment of in-person hearings.

This Insight considers the general principles applied by the courts when dealing with the impact of COVID-19 on the cases before them and whether current changes are expected to become a lasting feature of the justice system.

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Andrew Stephenson

Head of Projects


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