Advised MWRRG on each of its collaborative waste services procurements over the past 10 years or more. We were first engaged by MWRRG as part of its Stage 1 review of its procurement model, which included the suitability of that model for use for larger-scale projects. We were subsequently appointed as MWRRG’s sole Stage 2 advisers to undertake a detailed review and reworking of MWRRG’s contract documentation to address perceived deficiencies. Since then we have been MWRRG’s legal advisor through multiple collaborative procurements, responding to the unique issues arising in each case and adapting the contract documentation as required to meet bidders’ demands and unforeseen exigencies arising during the tendering process. This work has spanned the South East Organics, Eastern Organics and Central and Western Recyclables procurements, each involving multiple contractors, and includes current work preparing the supporting contract documentation for the Residual Services RFT.

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