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Practice Management

Our Practice Management team operate at the exciting intersection point of law and business. Corrs is structured by Practice Divisions that reflect the needs of our clients and the industry sectors that matter most to them. Our Practice Management team work with our lawyers in those Divisions to ensure the Practice Divisions deliver optimum performance for clients and Corrs.

Our Practice Management team work on planning, budgeting, management and business development. To do this well we need astute people with business insight, commercial skills as well as knowledge of industry sectors and legal disciplines. We need to anticipate and react to ever changing market dynamics. Our Practice Management team works closely with other areas of the firm including HR, Finance and Marketing.

The significance and impact of our Practice Management teams will be heightened as Corrs embarks on a bold growth strategy to establish its role as a leading law firm in Asia Pacific. It is an exciting time that will allow our team to demonstrate their international standards in effective law firm practice management.