The importance of corporations in society can no longer be measured by share price alone. The interests of a broad range of stakeholders must be front of mind for boards, directors, general counsel and their external advisers, all of whom face a fine balancing act between financial results and ever-increasing societal expectations that environmental, social and governance (ESG) matters are being considered. It is a new paradigm: one we think is here to stay.

Against this backdrop, boards and senior executives must constantly apply themselves in managing risk, finding growth and achieving recovery, and embracing investor demands for sustainable, long-term growth in value and social good – while at the same time discharging the personal duties placed on them by law.

Our responsible business team supports boards and senior executives to develop corporate governance approaches which integrate concerns for sustainability, social responsibility and stakeholder governance into corporate practices. From advising on directors’ duties and climate change risk, to anticipatory class action litigation risk review, strategic investigatory work and the development of bespoke governance practices that can withstand ’after the event’ regulatory scrutiny, we advise in relation to all areas that continue to matter to senior executives. See also, Board Advisory.

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