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29 August 2012

On 29 August Corrs held a seminar about running trade promotions and competitions via social media, especially Facebook. This was a joint presentation by Corrs and Social Media Knowledge (SMK). The audio and slides from the seminar are below.

Facebook - implementing & building buzz with competitions

James Fitzgerald, Program Director of Social Media Knowledge (SMK), trains senior marketing professionals and business decision makers on how to use social media effectively. Here James provides insights into the best ways to run promotions on social media, from a technical and marketing point of view. He provides examples of how brands are using Facebook for clever “interactive” promotions.

Types of Facebook Promotions

Sonja Muzoska, Trade Promotions Paralegal at Corrs, explains the two ways of running promotions on Facebook (advertised & administered) and their advantages and disadvantages.

Regulations applying to Facebook Promotions & Tricks of Facebook Promotions

Allison Rickard, Trade Promotions Paralegal at Corrs, looks at the legislation governing promotions conducted on Facebook. Allison also looks at tricks and traps of the Facebook Terms including when use of the “Like” button is permitted, notification of winners, uploading a photo or posting a status update and how to structure bonus entry mechanics.

Responsibility for user submitted content

Corrs partner David Smith talks about the promoter’s legal responsibility for user generated content submitted as part of a promotion. David suggests some measures to reduce risk.


David Smith and James Fitzgerald answer questions from the audience.

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