Improving the trade environment: APEC's programme for the improvement of the business environment


In order to maintain its relevance, APEC needs to embrace a broader range of issues than its original unifying ambition of tackling at-the-border barriers. It is measures like structural reform, building the capacity of small, medium and micro-enterprises, and ensuring food and energy security that will allow APEC to build on its historic gains of facilitating business growth and development. These are the issues that really matter to the citizenry and businessmen of APEC.

Delivered by Corrs Partner and CEO John W. H. Denton at the 48th Australia-Japan Joint Business Conference - Plenary Session Six. This address expands further on the concepts of regional economic cooperation integration in the context of APEC. In particular, exploring how APEC has improved, and can continue to improve, the business environment in the Asia-Pacific.

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