Making your mark in Australia: A guide for Chinese companies

3 December 2013

A monumental shift in perceptions about the quality of China-manufactured goods reflects the immense growth experienced in China over the last 30 years, growth which has seen the national economy skyrocket to the world’s second largest. It also reflects the growing sophistication of Chinese manufacturing, and a newfound confidence in Chinese companies, now mature and ready to step out from the shadows of their OEM “big brothers” to establish and successfully market their own brands and build their own identities.

Hand in hand with these global shifts in brand perception are new opportunities for Chinese companies wishing to build their own brands and their businesses overseas, including in Australia.  

This article is intended to provide some general points of guidance for Chinese companies wishing to build their brands in Australia, focusing in particular on practical aspects of the brand protection process here that may be unfamiliar to Chinese entities used to working with the PRC’s intellectual property regime.

We will also touch on issues of protection and enforcement that are unique to owners of foreign marks. Such issues result from the inconsistent approach taken by the Australian Trade Marks Office to the examination of Chinese language marks.

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An edited version of this article was originally published in the Chinese-Language version of Managing Intellectual Property Magazine (December 2012 edition).

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