Global Law: Social media around the world

18 May 2012

This past decade has borne witness to tremendous and pervasive changes in the manner in which people, organizations and communities communicate with each other at work and at play - the advent of “social media” has emerged as the most significant new platform for such communication.

We are “wired” and “connected” to each other in ways that could never have been imagined when most Baby Boomers, and even Generation Xers entered the workforce.

This article originally appeared in Bloomberg Law Reports - Technology Law (Vol.5, No.6).

Contributors include Employment Law Alliance members Val Gostencnik, Corrs Chambers Westgarth, Melbourne, Australia; Vilma Kutomi, Demarest e Almeida Advogados, Sao Paulo, Brazil; Ginger D. Schröder, Schröder, Joseph & Associates, Buffalo, New York; and Sonal Sejpal, Anjarwalla & Khanna Advocates, Nairobi, Kenya.

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