The Metropolitan Plan for Sydney 2036

4 February 2011

On 16 December 2010 Premier Kristina Keneally released the Metropolitan Plan for Sydney 2036. The Plan incorporates the fully funded $50.2 billion Metropolitan Transport Plan and is the first major update of the 2005 Metro Strategy.


The Metropolitan Plan projects that:

  • Sydney’s population will increase from 4.28 million in the year 2006 to 5.98 million by 2036 – an increase of 40 per cent, and
  • The number of Sydney homes will increase from 1.68 million in 2006 to 2.45 million by 2036 – an increase of 46 per cent.

A number of challenges flow from these projections, including:

  • Planning for more suitable and affordable housing,
  • More efficient transport,
  • More efficient infrastructure delivery,
  • Creating a more sustainable Sydney, and
  • Maintaining our global competitiveness.

The Plan outlines a framework of ‘strategic directions’ to address these issues, the more significant of which are outlined below.

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