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Sons of Gwalia

16 March 2007

The Sons of Gwalia case has received much publicity. Here is our brief summary of the essential issues.

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The CAMAC report on the Sons of Gwalia decision

13 February 2009

The High Court’s judgment in the Sons of Gwalia case has raised significant debate amongst secured lenders, creditors and shareholders.

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M&A Alert: Wrong way go back - Reversing the reverse takeover (Gloucester Coal Panel Decision)

2 March 2009

The Panel has at times been criticised for being too “pro-bidder”. However if shareholders don’t vote in favour of the Whitehaven merger it will be the first time the Panel has stopped a bid.

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M&A Alert: March 2009 update

3 March 2009

This year of the Ox is unlikely to be a bullish one. We focus on the impact of the global financial crisis on M&A activity and some key trends for 2009.

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Variation of a secured liability can require registration if contemplated by the original instrument

13 March 2009

In Re Octaviar Ltd; Re Octaviar Administration Pty Ltd, the Queensland Supreme Court considered the circumstances in which a variation to a registered charge must be notified to ASIC.

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An automatic right to an adjournment for new lawyers?

22 May 2009

The courts will often grant adjournments where a litigant has engaged new lawyers. Nonetheless, the NSW Supreme Court recently refused an application to adjourn a hearing made by a litigant who had briefed their barrister only the day before.

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M&A Alert: June 2009 update

1 June 2009

In this edition we look at the recent Takeovers Panel decisions in Gloucester Coal (reverse takeovers), International All Sport (standstills) and Regis Resources (association and board control).

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The ACCC's revised immunity policy and the Commonwealth DPP

17 June 2009

The amendments brought about by the Trade Practices Amendment Act 2009 provide for criminal penalties for cartel conduct.

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The cartel conduct amendments to the TPA - What you need to know

17 June 2009

The Trade Practices Amendment (Cartel Conduct and Other Measures) Act 2009 (Cartel Amendment) has now been passed by both houses of Federal Parliament.

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M&A Alert: August 2009 update

3 August 2009

In this edition we review some recent Panel decisions and how they could impact M&A activity.

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