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Fire Lit from the Banking Royal Commission – Looming Changes to the Superannuation Regime

6 March 2019

As two Superannuation Bills progress through Parliament, registerable superannuation entity licensees should prepare for significant changes to the superannuation system.

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Sticks and stones: Banking Royal Commission Final Report signals further regulatory shake up for superannuation

7 February 2019

The Banking Royal Commission Final Report has recognised the importance of improving the regulation and supervision of the superannuation industry.

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Beyond the Banking Royal Commission: 9 key implications of the Hayne Report for corporate Australia

5 February 2019

On 4 February 2019, Commissioner Kenneth Hayne delivered his final report on the financial sector following the most in-depth review of Corporate Australia ever undertaken, the Royal Commission into Misconduct in the Banking, Superannuation and Finan

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Asset management in Australia: overview, key trends and outlook

15 October 2018

We write on developments in the asset management industry in Australia, in the 7th edition of international journal The Asset Management Review.

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Mortgage Fraud: ASIC gets tough on brokers

20 July 2017

ASIC won’t be able to bear the burden of tackling mortgage fraud alone.

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Regulatory Reform Agenda: What does it mean for the banks?

5 April 2017

What does the current regulatory reform agenda mean for banks and financial institutions?

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AUSTRAC Insights: Common failures in anti-money-laundering and counter-terrorism financing programs

5 April 2017

All reporting entities should be reviewing their AML/CTF programs to ensure the errors and failings highlighted by AUSTRAC are not occurring in their business.

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Code of Banking Practice: The Khoury Report

8 March 2017

Phil Khoury’s recommended changes to the Code of Banking Practice will mean banks will need to meet higher standards.

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An imprudent customer and his money reunited: FOS imposes a new duty on banks to prevent fraud

18 November 2016

How can banks protect customers and themselves against boiler room scams and avoid ending up in FOS jurisdiction?

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Conflicts: Of serious interest to ASIC

15 September 2016

Corporate advisory research activity comes under ASIC’s microscope.

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