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Reverse vending machines paying you for rubbish? Welcome to Queensland’s new container refund scheme

26 March 2018

A new container refund scheme (CRS) is scheduled to commence in Queensland from 1 November 2018. But just how will the scheme actually work in practice?

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What trends are emerging from unfair contract term actions brought by the ACCC?

22 March 2018

The ACCC has notched-up an impressive success rate in actions challenging unfair contract terms in a variety of standard form contracts.

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Change in the air for IP laws in Australia: 5 key takeaways

12 September 2017

The Government has responded to the Productivity Commission’s review of Australia’s IP system. Here are five key takeaways.

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Is Australia’s ‘fragmented’ approach to intellectual property about to end?

23 June 2017

How far will the government go when it comes to the Productivity Commission’s recommendations on intellectual property?

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Preparing for life with robots: How will they be regulated in Australia?

6 March 2017

As robots become more complex, capable and autonomous, there are serious liability, safety and privacy issues to address. How should Australia regulate these issues?

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Six points to keep in mind if your contracts contain automatic renewal terms

30 November 2016

Automatic renewal terms are now in the sights of the ACCC, under new laws which extend the unfair contract term provisions of the Australian Consumer Law to small business contracts.

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Unwrapping a Christmas hamper of unfair contract terms: Lessons on transparency from ACCC action against Chrisco

20 November 2015

Businesses must be aware that the fairness of a contract term can be affected by simple issues like formatting and visual presentation.

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Mobile apps that collect health data: Will they be put under the privacy spotlight?

8 September 2015

Privacy protection is emerging as an important issue for mobile health apps.

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Safety first: Copyright exemption for generics

13 September 2011

The safe and effective use of medicine relies on doctors, pharmacists and other health professionals receiving consistent safety information about each medicine, regardless of its brand.

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