David Yates




David provides clients with a range of solutions including dispute management and resolution, technology acquisition and governance and IP commercialisation and enforcement.

He also specialises in advising on data, commercialisation and transactions, privacy and enforcement and digital commerce legal advice and solutions.

David acts across regulatory investigations and enforcement, including money laundering, consumer protection and audits, and internal inquiries, including money laundering, supply chains, corporate governance.

David is a member of the Law Council of Australia’s Digital Commerce Committee, and Competition and Consumer Law Committee.  He also is active in the Data Management Association in Western Australia.

Key deals

Dispute management and resolution

David has acted and continues to act for a range of clients in disputes in the WA and NSW Supreme Courts, IP Australia and the Australian Federal Court.

Technology acquisition and governance

David acts for government, government trading enterprises and commercial entities in the acquisition and governance of large scale technology solutions including ERP’s, automation projects, e-commerce platforms, supply chain optimisation, and data migration and hosting projects.

IP commercialisation and enforcement

David assists clients with specific commercialisation and enforcement projects, but also works with clients such as financial institutions, utilities and mining companies in developing IP governance programs across operations and locations.

Data advice, commercialisation and transactions

One of David’s deep interests is the emerging legal framework for the commercialisation and management of data in government and commercial contexts. David advises public authorities, resources companies, port authorities and other clients on data projects and transactions, and assists these clients to understand the role that the legal team can play in data governance across the enterprise, benefiting themselves when data is governed properly.

Privacy advice and enforcement

David has advised a major social media company on privacy litigation, and has assisted a range of clients with data breaches including ransom demands and in investigations by the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner. His ‘data breach gaming’ scenario planning for clients has enabled the proper preparation and strategy development for when breaches do occur

Inquiries and investigations

David was one of three partners at Corrs responsible for the Solicitors Assisting the Perth Casino Royal Commission, in which he was primarily responsible for the money laundering investigation.
David has also acted for WA government trading enterprises in relation to money laundering breaches and inquiries, including in consultation with AUSTRAC, supply chain reviews, corporate governance inquiries, inquiries by the Office of the Auditor General, and other regulators.