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Where to from Opal and Lacrosse? Towards a better assurance system in NSW

14 March 2019

How have the NSW and other governments responded to the recent Opal Tower structural problems, the Lacrosse Tower fire and similar issues – and what regulatory and other changes are needed?

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Is there a role for a federal EPA on PFAS and other emerging contaminants?

11 January 2019

The Joint Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade has recommended the Federal Government take steps to reduce possible health risks from chemical exposure to communities living in and around Defence bases.

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A creative solution to a wicked problem: ‘Wild Law’ and the Murray-Darling Basin

19 February 2018

The environmental health of the Murray Darling Basin has been at risk for decades. It’s time to explore a creative legal solution for improving it.

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Industrial Chemicals Bill 2017: A new era of regulation in Australia

23 June 2017

Australia’s chemical industry is about to undergo widespread reform. Most notably the changes include the first move away from cosmetics testing on animals.

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Smart Cities: Making Australian Precinct Energy Networks a Reality

9 March 2016

In this second article of our Smart Cities series, we look at how technologies that combine heating, cooling and electricity can transform Australia’s urban energy networks.

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The case for Local Government amalgamation

2 December 2014

The debate around council marriages is missing the wider picture. We look at the evidence behind the question “Is bigger better?”

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Can the NSW planning system change its spots?

16 April 2013

The NSW Government has released the White Paper on its proposed new planning system.

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Overhaul of planning legislation in NSW

27 September 2011

The NSW State Government is undertaking the most significant overhaul of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act (NSW) since its introduction in 1979.

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