Innovative legal tool means Corrs has Crisis Covered

1 June 2015

Managing legal risks in the event of a workplace incident just got easier thanks to an intuitive communication tool - Crisis Covered - developed by law firm Corrs Chambers Westgarth.

Crisis Covered can be accessed via any smartphone, PC or tablet. Developed by Corrs Workplace Relations team, it is designed to give key people involved in a crisis the ability to communicate in a secure, confidential and immediate way.

Crisis Covered works in real time to help clients seek and receive expert confidential legal advice; capture important data and evidence; control important communications following a crisis and provide timely legal briefings to site managers, general counsel and CEO’s - regardless of location.

Corrs believes the tool is set to change the way in which the firm’s clients receive legal advice during a crisis event.

Crisis Covered is currently available to all clients of Corrs Chambers Westgarth at no cost (except for charges associated with using a smart-phone or tablet data and applications).

About Crisis Covered

Crisis Covered provides rapid access to legal advice in a crisis via a smartphone, PC or tablet.

It works in real time to help clients:

  • Seek and receive legal advice
  • Capture important data and evidence
  • Control important communications following the crisis
  • Provide timely legal briefings to a range of key decision makers and stakeholders within the organisation, regardless of location

The advice clients receive via Crisis Covered is privileged and all data in transit is secure and encrypted.

For further information, please email Glenn Taylor or contact by phone on +61 2 9210 6593.