Australia’s leading independent law firm, Corrs Chambers Westgarth, has announced that it is expanding its use of Cael LPM, a dedicated legal project management solution developed by global legal service provider Elevate Services.

Corrs is well renowned in the market for its high quality legal project management, having recently been ranked the number one law firm in this area in both Australia and Asia Pacific by the Legal 500 Client Intelligence Report 2016.

Corrs began using Cael LPM with an early adopter group and is now expanding deployment of the technology firm-wide.

“Corrs is committed to pioneering solutions to deliver services to our clients in the most efficient and effective way,” said Corrs Partner Andrew Lumsden.

“As a firm, we ensure we deliver quality legal services on budget and on schedule. Cael LPM adds to the strength of our market-leading legal project management services and enables us to offer our clients accuracy and predictability in cost estimates, and a transparent, collaborative and efficient process in the delivery of our legal services,” he added.

Cael LPM integrates with Corrs’ financial system to streamline legal project management for the firm’s lawyers, providing ready access to up to date task progress and cost information via a practical dashboard interface. Corrs’ sophisticated client-focused LPM methodology includes a comprehensive initial analysis and scoping process to identify their clients’ commercial and strategic objectives, identify risks, dependencies and assumptions. This enables Corrs to develop a detailed work structure, taking into account critical milestones, sequencing and scheduling of tasks.

“Through legal project management we are continuing to build comprehensive project plan models and rich data for future matter estimates. Our clients have confidence in the pricing accuracy and a better understanding of the value Corrs provides. The collaborative process of planning and tracking progress with our clients gives them the opportunity to prioritise tasks, resources and costs,” Mr Lumsden said.

Leveraging data from the Cael LPM platform, Corrs has also built custom reporting to provide a suite of concise and transparent progress reports for clients.

“Corrs is using technology to innovate on multiple fronts,” said Pratik Patel, Vice President of Legal Business Solutions at Elevate. “First, they collaborated with Elevate to develop and refine Cael Verify software to streamline the process of verifying critical, complex documents, and now they are strengthening their project management capabilities with the enabling technology of Cael LPM.”

Launched in December 2016 by Elevate, Cael Verify was developed in a beta program with Corrs, with the firm also signing up as the product’s first user globally.

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