‘Corrs Briefcase’ iPad App was awarded the Lawtech Award For Innovation in Legal IT at the 7th Annual Chilli IQ Lawtech Summit & Awards last week.

The Lawtech Awards acknowledge the movers and shakers of the Legal IT industry. They are voted by industry professionals and recognise IT innovation and performance.

Head judge, Ashley Balls, Principal LegalBestPractice when announcing the award said, “This iPad app is simply clever, innovative and delivers a truly ingenious and effective solution to the vexed litigation practitioner. It is truly commercial and well worth marketing. Well done – it is a winner, in fact it is THE WINNER. And this from a devoted Android user…”.

‘Corrs Briefcase’ was developed to meet the increasing need for lawyers to flexibly and securely review documents, whether in court or onsite with a client. The app was created by Corrs Legal Technology Solutions (LTS) Team, led by Director Brian Borskjaer and Manager Graeme Grovum.

Brian Borskjaer said, “We are delighted to be recognised for this leading innovation that frees our legal teams from the constraints of paper-based or desk-bound document review. We believe the app is the legal industry’s answer to the dilemma of controlling confidential data, while encouraging work flexibility for lawyers.”

Corrs lawyers and clients are embracing this unique app because of its time and cost savings for clients and the firm. ‘Corrs Briefcase’ puts thousands of pages of case documents at lawyers’ fingertips. Corrs lawyers can review, tag and make notes on key documents, as well as locate specific information quickly and conveniently, anywhere and anytime.

Corrs Senior Associate Monali Pandey has been using the app for several months, she said, “‘Corrs Briefcase’ has revolutionised the way I practice law! Gone are the logistical nightmares of transporting 100 volumes of hard copy paper via small road trains. I now throw an iPad into my bag and power through my day, reading, annotating, searching and filtering through reams of documents with perfect ease and security. Alongside my BlackBerry, it is my number one must-have accessory.”

Since its launch, ‘Corrs Briefcase’ has travelled more than 300,000 kilometres to countries spanning the globe and has made over 700,000 pages of documents to Corrs lawyers, counsel and clients at all levels of Australian courts.

Internal response has been so positive that an external version of the app will soon be made available for purchase through the iTunes App store.