Introducing Casefolio

CASEFOLIO™ is a smart, simple and secure way of taking all of your paperwork with you – minus the paper! Designed by lawyers, CASEFOLIO™ is THE app for mobile legal review.

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PDF viewer apps are a dime a dozen, but how do you capture the decisions you make about each document? CASEFOLIO™ captures your decisions as you move through a document set in an intuitive and user-friendly manner.

When your review is complete, simply export your document set and, using our companion CASEFOLIO CONVERTER™ software, produce a simple html report. But perhaps you already have a reviewed set of documents that need to be verified before an affidavit of discovery is sworn. Or, maybe you have a set of documents that are needed to depose a witness. Import the metadata that is already associated with these documents straight into CASEFOLIO™! CASEFOLIO™ is designed to extend the functionality of leading litigation review platforms by letting you import PDFs plus any notes and other metadata that are already associated with each document. Using CASEFOLIO CONVERTER™ you can generate import packages straight from the export files of industry leaders such as FTI Ringtail™, kCura Relativity™, AccessData Summation™, eDiscoveryTools Reviewer™ and Delium™.


  • A simple html report and folder of PDFs
  • A CSV file containing all metadata for each document, plus a folder of PDFs
  • An export.mdb load file and folder of PDFs suitable for importing straight into FTI’s Ringtail platform, eDiscoveryTools' Reviewer platform or Delium's platform
  • A relativity.dat load file and folder of PDFs suitable for importing straight into kCura’s Relativity platform
  • A summation.dat load file and folder of PDFs suitable for importing straight into AccessData’s Summation platform


CASEFOLIO™ has been built from the ground up for one purpose: To capture your decisions about documents. To this end:

Documents are stored locally:
  • Have your 10, or 100,000, key documents with you wherever you go
  • Long flight? Leave the binders and folders at the office - your seat-mates will thank you!
  • No losing your network connection while waiting for a document to be pulled down from the server
Coding is captured locally:
  • Capture relevance calls, and privilege and confidentiality claims while you are viewing a document
  • Highlights, Ink, Voice notes and Text notes are embedded in your PDF when exported
Use filters:
  • To view only relevant, privileged, confidential or favorited documents
  • Pre-defined custom collections and custodians
  • Combine date, file-type, collection and custodian filters to pull up the exact documents you are looking for, every time
Use search:
  • Within a single document to identify a term or phrase
  • Globally across your entire document collection to view all documents containing a specific term or phrase
  • Across metadata fields associated with each document in your collection
Or sort by:
  • Title
  • Date
  • DocID (Bates Number)


Protect your client’s data and your work product! CASEFOLIO CONVERTER™ will optionally secure your PDFs using 128-bit AES encryption.

Remember, your data is only as safe as the strength of your password! Using complex passwords to secure your device AND your documents keeps your data and your clients’ data safe from harm.