International Scholarships & Secondments

David from the Finance team

What: Strategy Execution
Where: China Europe International Business School

"The time I spend in China allowed me to deepen my understanding of its place in globalisation. This appreciation, which I believe can only be gained through spending time in China, has shown me their perspective on their unique challenges. This is my strongest takeaway from the trip.

The Chinese people are extremely friendly and this made my time in China, despite the language barrier, memorable.

Extending my trip to become a tourist in both Shanghai and Beijing gave an insight into Chinese culture that I truly enjoyed. Taking every opportunity to endulge in street food, from donkey to dumplings and everything in between."

Overlooking the rooftops of the Forbidden City, Beijing

Chairman Mao welcomes visitors to the Forbidden City, myself included

Choir sings at the Temple of Heaven

Trekking the great wall (well not quite all of it)

Some more unusual street food offerings

Fresh dumplings were a favorite throughout the trip

The most popular mode of transport takes some practice to master

View from the Bund, over one of the world's busiest ports, to that incredible skyline

Seems the easiest way to eliminate a roadblock was to pick it up and carry it away

My Strategic Execution classmates

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