International Scholarships & Secondments

Barbara from the IP, T & C team

What: Executive Program for Women Leaders
Where: Stanford Graduate School of Business

“The program was extremely well-rounded. It covered various aspects to leadership, such as communications, influence, power, alliance-building, negotiation, decision-making and social networks. There were common threads across these different topics, which meant that the overall program was very cohesive. The program was also quite unique in factoring in the issue of gender to the discussion of various topics, recognising particular challenges that may be faced by professional women leaders in the workplace.

Spending time in San Francisco after the course was a real bonus. The temperature did instantly drop about 10 degrees in the short hop between Stanford and the city, but no better excuse for hitting the shops! The city is charming – from its iconic bridge and bay, to traditional pastel-coloured Victorian homes and cable cars, and the historic Alcatraz Island. I loved it.”

Knight Management Centre - new home of the Stanford Graduate School of Business

The vision for the Knight Management Center reflects a commitment to creating space that enables collaboration between faculty and students

American pride on the way to Alcatraz

Inside "The Rock"

Alcatraz Island as seen from the boat on San Fran Bay

Escape from Alcatraz

One of the famous San Fran cable cars

Grateful I was able to be saved from walking up too many hills!

Famously steep and windy Lombard St

Beautiful sun rays over the gardens of San Fran

Golden Gate Bridge on a clear blue day

Group exercise in class - getting to know each other in Stanford coloured polo shirts

Our artwork - a product of the class exercise

Go Giants!

Piedmont Boutique on Haight St

The Painted Ladies of San Fran

Stunning murals on Stanford Memorial Church

Schwab Centre at Stanford - our home on campus

Manicured Stanford grounds

View over the city from Coit Tower

Coloured Victorians run up and down many of the streets

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