International Scholarships & Secondments

Daria from the Corporate Advisory team

What: Secondment
Where: Beijing

“Given the growth and international significance of the Chinese market, the unique insights I have gained through my firsthand experiences in China are already proving to be very valuable to my career. I have shared this secondment opportunity with English, French, German, American and Spanish lawyers who are also on secondment with me, allowing me to develop a deeper understanding of each of their jurisdictions as well.

In our downtime, we have been able to explore this exciting megacity and its surrounds, giving us a true feel for the culture. China is a beautiful and juxtaposed place which never ceases to surprise and amaze me. This secondment has been a wonderful experience and invaluable for my personal and professional development."

Gardens at the Summer Palace

The famous Bird's Nest at Olympic Park

CCTV Headquarters

Food streets offer an endless array of exotic options

Great Wall of China

Hutongs - many of these traditional areas are now protected to preserve China's history in the current period of rapid growth

Intricate roofs

Sunset at the Old Summer Palace

A business trip to Shanghai offered the opportunity to view the impressive skyline from The Bund

Rush hour on the subway

The pavillion at the Summer Palace

Traditional Chinese umbrellas in the 798 art district

View of the Forbidden City from Jingshan Park

Forbidden City and Tiananmen Square

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