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Information Services

The efficient management and delivery of information is critical to any business, particularly a law firm whose currency is the accuracy, accessibility and potency of that very information. That's why our Information Services function plays a critical role far beyond the Help Desk to include areas like records management, desk top support, systems infrastructure and administration, applications support, training, project management and business analysis.

Our Information Services team are a unique breed that combine technical skill with commercial nous. People who understand that efficient information systems, from speed of access to the integrity of data storage, provide a competitive advantage for Corrs and our clients. But this is not work for the faint hearted. It is complex work often performed under time pressures, but always in an incredibly supportive and collegiate environment that encourages innovation and continuous improvement of skills, methods and processes.

So, if you have the talent and the appetite for extraordinary personal and professional growth, then give us a call (or send us an email).