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Big law firms are multi-million dollar businesses, so it's not hard to appreciate the important role played by the Finance team in the day-to-day management of a firm and in helping to manage and drive growth and profitability. Our Finance team has performed these roles particularly well in recent years, helping deliver industry leading profitability.

At Corrs, the Finance team plays a critical role in the strategic direction of the firm. We work closely with the Executive Leadership Team and partners to navigate a path toward sustained profitability for the business and market competitive rewards for our people.

This is a challenging and exciting task, particularly right now as the legal industry is experiencing significant change that has firms questioning the traditional business models, particularly around billing and remuneration. The arrival of international players, Australia's role in Asia Pacific, the ongoing effects of the GFC are all creating challenges and opportunities for law firms.

Our Finance team has a big part to play in how we are responding to those challenges and maximising those opportunities. That’s why our Finance team are all smart thinkers and innovative problem solvers who are willing to drive change. Are you?