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litigation roadblocks london uber

Roadblocks in London but Uber’s route looks clear in Australia

We look at the recent decision by the London regulator not to renew the ride-sharing company’s licence to operate and consider any implications for Australia.
Simon Johnson
Timothy Bunker
construction value capture

Value Capture: 5 practical issues for government when planning an infrastructure project

Major Projects Partner David Warren considers five key issues for government to consider when it comes to value capture.
David Warren
ia facilitate arbitration australia

Full Federal Court decision likely to facilitate arbitration in Australia

A recent decision by the Full Federal Court has confirmed that arbitration agreements are to be interpreted liberally on the presumption that parties choosing arbitration intend for all of their disputes to be dealt with in this way.
Andrew Stephenson
Alison Teh
Dominic Fawcett
wpr whistleblower draft legislation

A Seismic Shift: Commonwealth Government releases draft whistleblower legislation

The Commonwealth Government has released its exposure draft of proposed new whistleblower legislation.
John Tuck
Richard Flitcroft
Anthony Forsyth
construction government sole source

Government Sole Source Procurement: are contractors destined to miss out?

Major Projects Partner David Warren makes the case for Government procurement teams to stick with incumbent contractors.
David Warren